What the VUCA

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Many many articles have been written on this topic. So why another one blog? Because many business leaders, hiring managers, HR people are struggling on how to handle VUCA. They keep on driving the recruitment team to hire talent with the wrong skill-set. Let this be a wake-up call and your input/feedback is very welcome. What competencies do we need to survive these VUCA waves….?

Current landscape could be best described as a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) environment. This simply means that it is very hard to understand what is coming at you. And so it has a tremendous impact on how and what to recruit for your company. VUCA causes a constantly changing set of required employee skill-sets and job duties therefore creating an enormous gap between the needed and the available skill sets. Candidates who are flexible and can handle multiple responsibilities and job functions are in high demand, but sadly also very rare.

What the VUCASo let’s zoom in.

Volatile stands for unpredictable, fast & sudden change. We are seeing dramatic changes in macro economics, (labor) markets, new laws & regulation and an enormous amount of emerging countries that changes the landscape tremendously. These external factors have always affected the business, HR & recruitment strategy, but the change now is faster and much more unpredictable. Can your recruitment team keep up with these transformations in the market? When her is a lot of volatility, management needs to have a clear vision.

Uncertainty means that directions are unclear; not exactly known. The recruitment market is off-course responding to the constantly evolving workforce, continuous changes to market conditions and government regulations. This is a huge challenge for recruiters on spotting, tracing, tracking, sourcing the best candidates. Questions on what is the best strategy to use and whether current benchmarks are still valid. Unfortunately these questions are seldom answered. Where there is uncertainty, business management, HR & the recruitment team seek understanding.

Complex means that it is hard to to understand or explain. Hiring processes are becoming increasingly sophisticated as there are now many more considerations and requirements to include. At the same time, there are also more technologies available from which organisations can use to help them identify talent. These developments seem to help the recruitment teams but they also make the whole recruitment landscape more complex than ever. Where there is complexity, the teams are looking for clarity.

Ambiguous means that interpretation of a certain matter is not clear and open to more than one interpretation or meaning. All the text above also leaves room for ambiguity. So how can we be absolutely sure the best way forward for talent management in today’s volatile, uncertain and complex business environment? Should we be (de-) centralizing all or any part of the recruitment function … How to handle the contingent labor force… Focus on succession management or external topnotch candidates… Each alternative can have more than one meaning and it can be very difficult to justify the best option. When there is ambiguity, the enterprise must be agile.

Top-level solution is to handle VUCA by using these strategies:

  • Implement business agility
  • Use strategic workforce planning
  • Work on readiness
  • Gather and use internal & external data
  • Built a learning organization
  • Don’t forget Talent management sustainability

So Hiring Managers & the recruitment team should be screening candidates on the following competences and skill-sets:

  • Leadership & navigation
  • Business acumen
  • Drive / motivation
  • Curiosity
  • Analytical skills
  • Engagement
  • Determination

So please feel free to comment and add feedback….

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